Youth Worker Devotions: Not Down, (But Out of a Job)….

I’m pretty sure not a week has passed so far this year without me knowing of (personally), hearing of (through friends) or communicating with (on the net)a Youth Pastor who has been let go of by  his church.  Something tells … Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW: Jesus Centered Youth Ministry

Jesus Centered Youth Ministry             When I was first assigned Jesus Centered Youth Ministry, by Rick Lawrence, I read the title and thought, “Great, here comes another ‘________ – Centered Youth Ministry’ book.”  Then, I opened this book, and that … Continue reading

Youth Ministry’s Rule 5 Draft

I think Youth Ministry Parachurch world is in the Middle of A Rule 5 Draft… In pro baseball, a rule five draft is where teams pick up players from other teams to use on their big league roster.  Following youth … Continue reading

Concerns about the Future of Youth Ministry

There seems to be a growing undercurrent in the church that the Profession of Youth Ministry has either 1) Never been useful or 2) is the cause of why youth bail the church after they graduate high School.  Groups, particularly … Continue reading

What should an Ideal Pastor’s wife Be???

Came across a post today by Ron Edmonson on the Seven Qualities to Look for in a Pastor’s Wife.  He lists seven characteristics that he believes are in the ideal Pastor’s wife: Your biggest supporter. Obedient to the call of … Continue reading

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