Book Review: Girls Uncovered

In an earlier post, I talked extensively about Teen Mom and Abstinence Argument, in which I discussed several factors why birth control isn’t the best idea for the heart and soul for teens who bear the brunt of emotional scarring … Continue reading

Top Ten Posts for March 2012

Youth Ministry and Creating Change 9 Priorities in Starting a Youth Ministry (Part 1) Confidentiality: Keeping Personal Things Private Coping through a Miscarriage About Me What should an Ideal Pastor’s wife Be??? Unrealistic Expectations of a Youth Ministry Spouse Ministry … Continue reading

Money Matters: Parents not comfortable teaching kids about money

Parents uncomfortable discussing money with their kids. Reading through my blogs, and news apps, I discovered this article from Forbes giving details of a survey of why Parents don’t teach their kids about money matters.  Here’s an excerpt of their … Continue reading

CPYU’s Digital Kids Initiative

                What is Digital Kids Initiative? Digital Kids Initiative is a new program built by the Center for Parent and Youth Understanding to assist with media education to parents, youth workers, parents and … Continue reading

Coping through a Miscarriage

One of the hardest things in life is to live through a miscarriage. All of the joy, expectation, hope, attention on you and your family suddenly and dramatically turn into a nightmare that few could only dream about. Whether you … Continue reading

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