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SYM Soul Care (Excellent Resource)

I’m really excited about this new ministry by Simply Youth Ministry. SYM Soul Care is a ministry that seeks to expand on ‘the Shelter’ at their annual conference and build it into a year long program of Pastors caring for … Continue reading

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A Tale of Passion vs. Calling

This is a brief synopsis of my call and my passion and how I discerned between the two. Calling Felt In my first college, SUNY Cortland, I felt called to enter youth ministry.  I attempted to tell one pastor who … Continue reading

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Top Posts 2012

Had a good year on this blog last year, here are my Top Ten list for 2012 What should an Ideal Pastor’s wife Be??? 10 Qualities of a Professional Youth Pastor (1-5) Ministry Idea: Non-Peak Season Can Drive 10 Qualities … Continue reading

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Ministry Experience

I’ve been bi-vocational for awhile, often Social Work has taken the lead, as I am a clinical social worker and that has enabled me to get my ministry degrees.  Also, if you consider all a social worker does, you can … Continue reading

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Preventing Compassion Fatigue

  Preventing Compassion Fatigue   Burn-out-   Burnout is a more common term for many forms of compassion fatigue.  Originally stemming from fields that work with chronically ill people (social work, counseling, nursing), it is a type of secondary post … Continue reading

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Developing your Youth Pastor’s Heart SYM Podcast!

SYM Podcast Aaron Crumbley of http://www.yoacblog.com, Kurt Johnston of http://www.juniorhighministry.com and Jason Carson team up to provide some great material on caring for your youth group. Get engaged and beyond the stereotypical overrushed youth pastor and get into the hearts … Continue reading

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Dodging Bullets: Lonely Larry

Lonely Larry Larry is a prototypical youth pastor.  Larry doesn’t preach to hundreds, nor does he bore the teens he does speak to.   Larry’s events are solid; while they aren’t gangbusters, they aren’t flops either.   Larry is respected by his … Continue reading

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Marriage Series 2: Grace

  Grace is more than eternal salvation   Grace = a card to let one off the hook. When we work go find those nickels and dimes on our spouse and keep count of all the loose change we enter … Continue reading

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Marriage Series: 1- Covenant

  Covenant is: Requisite based on the idea we are incapable to do this in our good intentions alone. No matter how hard we try, we cannot sustain marriage on Good Intentions alone.   Troth: Sacred Pledge of Trust.  (also … Continue reading

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Seek God and You Shall Live

    Amos 5:4 ¶ For thus says the LORD to the house of Israel,                                   “Seek Me that you may live.”   At … Continue reading

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