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My Blogging Hiatus

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in awhile. There are several reasons for this and hope to continue blogging on a more consistent basis now. While blogging is an important activity of mine, and I wish … Continue reading

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Book Review: Girls Uncovered

In an earlier post, I talked extensively about Teen Mom and Abstinence Argument, in which I discussed several factors why birth control isn’t the best idea for the heart and soul for teens who bear the brunt of emotional scarring … Continue reading

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How to work with a suicidal teen

Yesterday I talked about how you tell that you have a suicidal teen. Today I’m going to share some pointers on how to survive (and help the other person survive) a suicidal episode. Listen For Warning Signs Statements Like:  “I … Continue reading

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Do You Know the Risk Factors for Suicide?

Is Suicide Predictable? Unfortunately, not entirely. However there are many predictors and stats on who attempts/commits suicide. Knowing these factors will help increase your awareness when working with someone in your church or community. What are the Prominent Risk Factors? … Continue reading

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