The purpose for youth ministry is to reach the next generation for Christ, receiving a new generation of believers and opening their eyes to the love of Christ. Numerous studies have shown that it is more likely for a person to be redeemed to Christ before they leave High School than after. The heart cry of youth ministry is to reach out and meet youth where they are in their world. Jesus did not distance him self from the youth of his world and neither should today’s church. (Matt 19:13, Mark 9:37, Mark 9:42)


CORE Values

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  1. Youth Ministry is holistic and comprehensive
  2. Youth Ministry carries a strong family focus when possible.
  3. Youth Ministry equips for greatest missional impact.
  4. Youth Ministry is a Team Sport, networking with both families and volunteers.
  5. Youth Ministry should be woven into the tapestry of the local and global church.
  6. Youth Ministry should meet teens incarnationaly, where they are at with the Christ of the Gospels.
  7. Youth Ministry should not neglect the role of family in the development of youth.
  8. Youth Ministry respects the culture of the community.
  9. Youth Ministry requires evaluation with integrity.
  10. Youth Ministry should network with other ministries.


Graphical Depiction of Youth Ministry Philosophy

This is another way of looking at my ministry philosophy and model of ministry.  It can be a helpful tool for those who are more visual in their learning techniques.

Integration of Social Work and Youth Ministry

Having education and experience both in Social Work and Youth/Family Ministry I see how both impact each other and how it makes me a more competent minister.  I briefly describe areas where my social work training and experience augment my ministry skill set.