About Me

Matthew T. Murphy, LCSW, MSW, MDiv

My Passions

The number one passion in my life is God. Learning more about him through my studies at Seminary and learning to dig deeper into His word to seek after his heart and conform myself to the image of Christ.  I graduated Denver Seminary in May of 2011 and am looking forward to continuing my youth ministry career.

The second passion is my wife, Darcy. We met at Gordon College and after my MSW I pursued her back to Maine where we were married and I had my first official paid church ministry job.

I have several other passions including counseling, youth ministry and crisis counseling. I am a member of the Denver Seminary Crisis Response Team and the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. I am currently pursuing certification of specialized training in Critical Incident Response for both schools and children and pastoral care. I have been able to already to respond to a few crisis including the YWAM shootings and have been employed by 774-HELP a suicide-crisis response hotline.

I am a member of National Association of Christian Social Workers and the American Association of Christian Counselors. I am currently working on becoming published by them and youth ministry academic journals working on articles focusing on palliative care, crisis management and ministry. My theory on the integration of Social Work and Youth Ministry describes how I see my two passions intertwining and how my MSW and MDiv compliment each other.

In the area of Youth Ministry, I am also very passionate about. While I am versed in Purpose Driven Youth Ministry, I strongly believe that a youth worker needs to find their own passion, vision and framework for ministry. PDYM has provided some basic tenets of ministry, which I expound upon in my ministry philosophy pages. The philosophy is not a program, those are tailored to each specific group of people based on their needs and the resources in the community. The skilled youth worker is able to bridge their philosophy and the community that they are trying to reach.

Finally, a major passion of mine is mentoring other youth workers and pastors in youth ministry and counseling. I have become a moderator at a great website, Pastor2youth.com where I facilitate learning among youth workers, enabling them to become better youth ministers regardless of the level of employ they are formally in ministry.