Dealing with Depression

Dealing with Depression Sermon from Matt Murphy on Vimeo.

This sermon discusses the secret of depression.

This secret is kept in churches, families and individuals. Hidden, this secret destroys the lives of individuals and the ones who love them. Considering the many characters in the Bible who exhibit signs and symptoms of depression (David, Saul, Job, Jonah, Elijah).

Looking at contemporary culture’s thoughts on suicide through music, we turn to the psalms (music for the Old Testament) to examine the heart of David.

1/3 of all Psalms are from David and display signs of a depressed man. Looking at some of these Psalms, we look to David and try to glean information as to what David does when he’s down, distraught and fearful.

1 Samuel 19 discusses David’s reaction to a threat on his own life. We examine his movements as he seeks protection from his adversary from 1) His Friend; 2) His Family and 3) His Pastor.

If after hearing this sermon, you feel that you need to reach out for help. Please don’t hesitate to call for it. And if none of the options discussed in this sermon seem available at the moment to you, please call 1-800- SUICIDE. You are not alone. They will help you find the resources you need to wage the battle the dark places in your life.