Graphical Depiction of Youth Ministry Philosophy

Underpinnings of Youth Ministry

(Navy Background)

Christ Centered-

Youth Ministry is Christ Centered.  The compass rose points to True North which is Christ.  Without a compass, the ministry (and ourselves) are destined to be meaningless and listless.

Cultural Relevance-

Represented by a windsock exemplifies the changing winds of youth culture.  While we should heed it as it effects what we are trying to accomplish, it needs to stem out of a Christ Centered Philosophy.

Administration and Communication-

Keys to an effective ministry is being organized administratively and being able to communicate with different programs and families help insure a ministry that flows smoothly.

Ministry Team Equipping-

Signified by a hangar is where the leaders of the different programs (planes) learn how to engage in youth culture and Christ Centered Ministry.   Equipped leaders and students are more effective in Kingdom Ministry.

Pillars of Youth Ministry

(Light Blue Background)


is the terminal.  The students get off planes and serve in the community.


is the hangar.  It in the hangar mentorship occurs in an environment where teens will learn what they are to be doing.


is the beacon, it calls people into fellowship with Christ


is the tarmac where students congregate and build relationships with each other


are the taxi ways, sometimes teens need help finding the right runways and hangars that they need to be apart of.  Counseling is the way to communicate with them to ensure they get to where they need to go.


is the runway.  It is where people take off to new areas and minister to people away from the youthport.


Programs –

are planes in that they come and go. They also are served by the 6 pillars above.  Programs provide strategic function of the pillars and underpinnings, they serve the population in which one ministers, and should be able to be adapted to fit the changing needs of ministry.