Marriage Series: 1- Covenant


Covenant is:

Requisite based on the idea we are incapable to do this in our good intentions alone.

No matter how hard we try, we cannot sustain marriage on Good Intentions alone.



Sacred Pledge of Trust.  (also found in betrothal) It is a sacred pledge based on the premise that you enter into a relationally based covenant.  Where a contract is based out of duty and legal terms and items to fulfill.  Covenant is a pledge to enter relationally behalf of the other, on behalf of God.

Some Questions to ask yourself:

  • What is my capacity for trust?
  • What is my covenant capacity?
  • If you don’t prepare for the race. How do you expect to finish if not simply run the race?

Trust as a bank account.

We need to focus on it as a nickel and dime currency.   While we often hope to make big deposits in grand acts of kindness and love, the truth is, marriage is sustained on the nickels and dimes.  Deposits and withdrawals are in the small tokens, the small breaks or small counts of doing well in the building or the breaching of trust.  As much as you are intentional in the big deposits.  It’s the small deposits and withdrawals that will make your marriage flourish.

Marriage is a covenant based on trust.  This is the first point in the four point series on Marriage.


Notes were taken from Dr. and Mrs. Payne’s class.


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