32nd Trip Around the Sun! A Year in Review

Year in Review:

Today caps off another 365 days of the life of Matt Murphy.  Wanted to spend today’s blog just thinking and reflecting on this past year.  Much has happened.

November 2010:

Busy working Hospice and going to Seminary.  Seminary was a great second to last semester.  Had double courses in theology: General Theology 2 and Christology/Pneumatology.  Great theological chats and debates.

Finished my last football officiating season in Colorado.

December 2010:

Spent another Christmas in Colorado.  Nice time with my wife.  Didn’t get to fly east after the 3 weddings we flew out for in Summer 2010.

January 2011:

Great start of the year as a couple, dating and loving each other came to a crashing halt after one date night when a teen driver forgot what the colors meant at a stop light and crushed our car.  We’re grateful that we all came out okay.  Car didn’t.  Got our new car at the end of January.  Irony is that I took a 140000 mile pic of my odometer a few weeks before this happened.  With no Saturn’s around to replace the old one, we went with a Chevy.


My friend and I finished and submitted a proposal for my first book.  I started preparing for my oral exams which would also take place later in the semester.


attended the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Chicago.  Great conference.  Darcy got to come which was  great.

I started this blog on my old website, (design and location).  With 135 posts in this time, its about a post every 1.9 days.  Not too bad.

Meghan, my littlest sister came out to Colorado.  We went snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park.  That was a ton of fun.


April 1, was my Master of Divinity Theological Oral Examination.  Really??? Who schedules a test this big on a date that bad??? There were some rescheduling, wished they put my out of my misery a few weeks earlier.  But I passed.  I was able to graduate in 4 years.  🙂


Graduated Denver Seminary with my Master of Divinity.  Finished with two concentrations: Youth and Family Ministry as well as in Pastoral Counseling.

Received an Award from the Association of Youth Ministry Educators (AYME) “Exceptional Graduate of Youth Ministries” was the title. 🙂

My Parents came out and got to see me graduate, which was fun.

Book was approved by Group and Contracts were signed.  Onto the task of writing the book.


Started my third year at Denver Hospice.

Looking at, interviewing for Youth Pastor or Associate Pastor (Youth/Family Ministry Emphasis) in the Northeast.  Sending out several applications a month.

Took up/Ramped up two hobbies with my wife.  Hiking in Jeffco Open Spaces and Driving through the mountains taking pictures.  Both are great.


Because of the great generosity of my brother, allowing me to use his airline miles, I was able to go out and visit my family for two weeks at Camp-of-the-Woods.  Hospice census was low, so I had no work.  Was able to spend some good, quality time with my family.


Attended the ReGroup Summit for Youth Pastor’s in Loveland, CO.  It was on “The Indispensable Youth Pastor”  Great book, I wrote a review on it.


No School for the first time in 4 years.  🙂

Went to the Group SummIT and helped plan for the Simply Youth Ministry Conference. Grateful I was invited to this summit.   Happy to be still engaged over facebook with this crowd of youth ministers.

Felt called to start attending a new church.  We’re now at Southern Gables where Darcy and I are getting plugged into their young married class.  Interesting note is that Dr. Don Payne, my oral exam proctor/examiner/executioner, is teaching this course for the next month on marriage.


Working hard to put the finishing touches on my book.  It’s due tomorrow.  I’m proud of the work and efforts we’ve put into it.  The amount of integration and collaboration and lack of friction was astounding.  We worked great together on this project.

Submitted a couple magazine articles (still waiting to hear back about those).

Great to be plugged into some friends in the community, going to Golf on my birthday.  Golfing in Colorado for the third time since coming out to Colorado.

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  1. Brian Seidel says:

    awesome to see how God has opened so many doors for you this past year Matt, hope this next year you see just as many incredible blessings!

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