Communion: Christian Community and Solidarity


I’ve been focusing lately on the song by Matt Maher.  It’s called Remembrance.  It is a song that focuses on the ordinance of communion.  Below is the first few stanza’s of his song:

Oh, how could it be
That my God would welcome me into this mystery
Say take this bread, take this wine
Now the simple made divine for any to receive

By Your mercy, we come to Your table
By Your grace, You are making us faithful

Lord, we remember You
And remembrance leads us to worship
And as we worship You
Our worship leads to communion
We respond to Your invitation, we remember You

Fellowship and Solidarity

Communion is where we, Christians, bring ourselves to the Lord’s table and symbolically recall and renew the covenant that God has made with us by providing the atoning sacrifice of Christ in remembering the flesh, bread and the blood, wine that was spilt on our behalf.

In communion we enter into fellowship with Christ and all other Christians as we remember His sacrifice and our unity in Christ.

Intentional Community

As a youth minister, how often are you entering into intentional community with the church?  How often are your youth practicing communion with the larger church?  Do you see this as a value?  Does your church see this as a value or relegate it to holidays and special events, trying to connect the secular holiday with the theme of communion?

How regularly are you making this?  Are you doing it often enough that make it a significant part of the life of the church?  A remembrance of the Gospel?  How can we remain Jesus-Centered without keeping the communion table a central part of your worship?

What methods does your youth ministry use in practicing Communion (The Lord’s Supper)?

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