Monday Morning Quarterback

View from the bleachers

I sometimes play the part of a Monday Morning Quarterback.  In youth ministry, this also happens to be on Monday, after all, it is our biggest day of ministry during the week, and we also get tons of phone calls letting us know how you could have done it better.  Today I sat down and reflected on how I could be a better quarterback in my Youth Ministry

Short passes vs long passes

You hear it even during the game.  Commentators saying either there are too many short passes and the QB needs to spread the field and throw it long, or say they wasted a chance for a short completion to throw into triple coverage down field.  How much of that is like us in youth ministry.  We can get caught up in maintaining weekly events and just keep up the dump the ball off routine.  Are we really doing the ministry well in just doing short passes?  It seems that the enemy is content in allowing us to only make short passes and minimal gains.

Long passes require vision.  Once in a while we need to take a shot downfield.  I am to make some visionary goals and throw the ball deep, even at the risk of it blowing up in my faith.  Teams believe in you the more you believe in them.  If you throw the ball deep and invest in your team, they will rally to catch this pass.  While you can’t keep making incomplete long passes (you will become known for your bombs) mixing these in with short, consistent passes will help your ministry grow.

Gaining trust vs taking shots downfield

Being consistent, not taking sacks, being able to make gains on any play make you more followable.  Your team believes in you.  When they see you going all out, they will start going all out, diving for those loose balls, blocking past their abilities to block and running harder than they’re used to.  When you work hard to gain trust and being consistent, you will have more willing followers.  If you are seen as a game-day only player, you will only get game day only players in return.

These consistent short passes and apt play calling will enable you and your team to go deep and blow the big plays away.  All because you’re consistent and able to work hard at ministry.

Momentum builders, Momentum killers

Be aware that breaks and time outs kill your momentum.  While I’m not knocking sabbath, allow it only to be that one day.  When you need to be on that field, be in charge and on that field.  Slacking off will kill your momentum.   Allowing balls to drop will kill your momentum.  Consistency however, will build your momentum.


Avoid being a Monday Morning Quarterback.  Don’t beat yourself up over your defeats the day before.  While I think you should analyze your victories and defeats and improve.  Don’t allow it to be anything other than preparing for next week’s “game.”  Work to build your consistency and accuracy with the passes and team you are put in charge of.

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