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MindNode is a Mac App that works primarily on desktop, but there are iPhone and iPad versions.  MindNode is organization and flow chart technology that enables you to create flow charts and brainstorming of ideas/visions in a manner that enables you to branch out in Right-Brained ways and either manually or using tabs and return key, enables you to make charts that help you visualize any project you wish to create.

What I did:

The chart above is the communication strategy that I’m working for the Denver Seminary CISM Team.  There are three main areas that I want to help build this communication strategy. These areas (Local, Electronic and Targeted Marketing) all have multiple areas that stem from them.  If I wanted to add another node (branch) I can, if I wanted to add another action step under any of these other branches, I could.  This allows you to brainstorm and be more right brained than have a logical beginning to end flow.  This helps those of us who are scattered brained, reign in our imaginations and come up with a formidable product.

I was so impressed with the basic version, I upgraded to the PRO version.

I am also working several other projects, including book ideas to help organize and create solid book proposals.

Why Youth Ministry

1) Youth ministers tend to be rather creative and their thought patterns are not linear.  This type of system can help with many things including:


And you can take one area of your vision and break it up to focus on an event:

Even if you are not that organized, and don’t have the organizational skills, you can use this tool and make your ministry more organized and more successful!

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