Take a Hike!

south_valley_color5_2007 – South Valley Trails

One of the big pluses of Denver is the number of multi-use trails in the area.  Many are located in the cities of the metropolitan area, others are located in open space parks in the surrounding country side.  Working to find things to do with my wife at times is hard, especially when we work opposite schedules.  Additionally, getting time to work out and spend time with each other gets complex.

deercrem – Deer Creek Canyon Trails

Over the past couple weeks we’ve taken to walking with each other in two parks, South Valley and Deer Creek Canyon Park.  We’ve taken up a good deal of just walking these trails (and finding one that was better suited for bikes than hikes.  But the idea dawned on me to share this.  These trails are very walkable. Additionally, cell phone is spotty and all together not fun to do while on a nice long walk.

We’ve gone on 2 mile hikes and stretched it to a 5.25 mile hike the other day.  Think it’s a good idea.


Want some alone time, no interruptions, take a hike!

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