Family Friendly Discipleship Process: Thoughts from Josh Griffin

Josh Griffin made some excellent points on reflecting on how to make youth ministry become a family inclusive discipleship ministry.  Here is an excerpt of his post:

There have been some great discussions on the future of youth ministry as it relates to the family and focusing on parents being the primary disciplers of their teenagers. And while the Deuteronomy 6 principles are clear I don’t think the answer is to throw out youth ministry as we know it as some have claimed.

I’ve been preparing for a discussion panel here at the D6 Conference in Dallas and had a few thoughts about a hybrid idea to bring families more central to the discipleship process while keeping the strengths of a healthy kids and student ministry.

In Jr. High Ministry he adds:

This is a natural time of resistance to the parent-child relationship, so while it is still integral to their faith development, we embrace the tension and give them outside voices and a little space to simply affirm what mom and dad are saying at home. These aren’t just any volunteers – they are partners in raising these young men and women in concert with parents.

He adds with High School Ministry:

The emphasis of the high school ministry is to help students grow in and on their own. They are also taught and resourced well, as well as given access to apologetics courses, discipleship events and seminars on topics to help prepare for adult life.

Josh, a veteran of youth ministry, responsibly responds to a major critique of youth ministry (that we’ve usurped power from parents in ministry.  These points are just the visionary starting points to solving a problem with a both/and solution.  You can read the rest of his blog here.


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