Did I really just flush 22 mins of my life … ?


Tuned into Two and a Half Men, partially for the hype and secondly to see how they handled Charlie’s demise.


I don’t have the words to adequately describe my thoughts for the funeral section.  Perhaps it was reflective of Charlie’s real life departure from the show, perhaps it was my lack of understanding how much potty humor the show could put into a 4 minute bit.  Perhaps part of my role in hospice I see many families of all walks and functionalities go through this and it is not the way that funeral happened.


Perhaps I kept it tuned in to see the new actor, Aston Kutcher introduce himself and his role.  He enters via suicide attempt and a manipulative relationship twist with his (soon to be ex-wife).  Then immediately goes on a fling with a bunch of girls.  I really tried to find the humor behind all the laugh tracks, but really I was lost.  Perhaps the show is lost.

Did this show lead to Charlie’s “Winning”

Ravi Zaccharias once said to an audience that I was apart of.  “Sow a thought, reap a deed; Sow a deed reap a habit; sow a habit, Reap a destiny.”  I can’t help but think that acting this way for as many years as he has, that his on stage antics, because they were so “loved” were translated into his private (and real) life.   Part of his unfortunate curse may be living out his character in real life.  Which humors nobody…

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