Seek God and You Shall Live



Amos 5:4 ¶ For thus says the LORD to the house of Israel,

                                  “Seek Me that you may live.”


At Group’s Indispensable Youth Pastor Summit, Rick shared in his morning devotions this text.  I’ve looked further into it and it is rather profound.   Israel was about to be sent into exile for betraying God and seeking other gods.  Amos, while prophesying the doom about to befall Israel, God still extends an olive branch to save those who will Seek Him.


Expositors Bible Commentary states the following:

4 The word “seek” (daras ), when referring to the Lord, means to turn to him in trust and confidence (Pss 34:4 [5 MT]; 77:2 [3 MT]; Jer 10:21). The word live (hayah ), like “seek,” is imperative, connected by waw (“and”) with the preceding imperative. It shows the result of the condition implied in the first imperative. Though the concept of “life” in the OT often relates to spiritual life, that does not seem to be the meaning here; for Amos uses “live” (hayah ) in a context of national collapse. Since he has spoken of Israel as a fallen nation, the meaning of national life or restoration for hayah seems appropriate. When a similar command is given in v.14, hayah apparently refers to national welfare.

In the light of this, it is hardly right to say that Amos confronted the people only with doom. He held out a gracious invitation to them, but he looked only for calamity because he knew they would not repent. His invitation may have been instrumental in leading some to seek the Lord. Thus it contributed to the establishment of the remnant.


Are you fit to be in the remnant (those who remain and believe, and LIVE?)

I’ve given some serious thought to this and thought that perhaps I needed to be more zealous in my pursuit.  Kinda like my golf game.  I play three times or so a year, but still would call myself a golfer.  A friend commented, its more like we’re hackers than golfers… (mostly due to the fact neither of us actually practice golf.)


So, I decided to practice several of the spiritual disciplines more vigourously over the last month, both by myself and with my spouse.  I’ve been reading the Bible more, praying more, fasting more, listening more, doing less worthless junk… I can tell you it’s making me and us more alive.  Don’t know how to quantify it yet, but our marriage is getting stronger, our relationship is getting stronger, I’m feeling better about life, and okay with missing what I loved to do, but didn’t need to do in the past.


So, friends who read this blog…  Seek God, and LIVE! 

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