100th Post Celebration!!!

Today I have posted my 100th Post.  It took me 180 Days (a post per 1.8 days) to complete 100 posts.  I’ve included the Top 8 pages visited and Top Ten Posts visited so you can see my progress.

Top 8 Pages Visited (non blog)

Home page


About Me


Dark Places


My Testimony



Top Ten Blog Posts

What should an Ideal Pastor’s wife Be???

BOOK REVIEW: The Indispensable Youth Pastor

Response to Failed Modern Youth Ministry

Concerns about the Future of Youth Ministry

Teen Mom and the Abstinence Argument

Professionalism in Youth Ministry Series: The Good, Bad and Ugly

10 Qualities of a Professional Youth Pastor (1-5) & (6-10)

The Evils of a Stereotypical Youth Pastor

“Wal-Mart People”

SYM Soul Care (Excellent Resource)


I noticed many of my top were in the past month or two, most likely because I’ve been getting more hits 🙂  Thanks for your support and visiting my site.  Keep sharing and help this resource for helping hurt youth and youth workers expand!

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  1. Brian Seidel says:

    Congrats on 100! Keep serving and keep writing my friend!!

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