Blogger Ethnography Results (Part 4) Implications for Ministry

Implications for Ministry:

Those looking to blog to youth ministers would benefit from these following tips:

  • Readers expect short blogs, these normally range from 500-700 words.
  • The norm for blogging is 2-5 times per week.  
  • Spamming on twitter or facebook is annoying, so only post a few times that you are posting a new blog.  
  • You can broadcast or narrow cast.  Just post material with good content for your target audience. 
  • Build community in your blog.  Respond to those who post to your blog and write on other people’s blogs.  
  • Use social media with restraint.   Posting several times in a row to take up space on a blog feed, is annoying.  
  • Most of your readers are in the US, however, it may be beneficial to keep in mind some readers are from overseas and may have different problems to address. 

2 Responses to Blogger Ethnography Results (Part 4) Implications for Ministry

  1. Jeremy says:

    "Use social media with restraint"

    I like this one. Even for those that do it unintentionally. For their benefit, don't. I find myself reading the first one and skipping over the next four. There are great scheduling tweet apps out there to fix this.

  2. Matt Murphy says:

    Thanks Jeremy. Appreciate your thoughts and comments 🙂 Normally if I see like 5-10 blog posts by a single person in a row… I generally pass that blogger over completely…

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