ReGroup Experience: Indispensable Youth Pastor


Regroup is a summit style conference held at Group Publishing‘s HQ in Loveland, CO.  The facility is great and only surpassed by the wonderful and gracious hosts.  This year’s theme was Indispensable Youth Pastor based off of Mark DeVries and Jeff Dunn-Rankin’s book by the same name.  I’ve written a review on this book, so I won’t rehash it here.   I also attended the last session of this conference at SYMC’s conference, but these two men are excellent teachers.

When @ ReGroup, you are cared for by a great staff really interested in you and your needs while you are there.  People like Kami Gilmour, Andy Brazelton, Rick Lawrence, Justin Boling and Jake “Snake Face” Rasmussen (among many others) were very open and engaged us in conversations about our lives and ministries.  They truly make us feel like were at home.

They had other activities to round out the conference such as a prayer walk and lunch at a local park.  This proved difficult to me solely on the basis that it took the entire time to tune in to the silence and reflect on everything in the prayer guide that they created for us to use at the park we went to.   They also had great times of fellowship, such as a late night “Schmore’s Bar” and a high availability of their staff for us to talk ministry with.


The level of networking was also great at this mini-conference.  All the attendees were all engaged in each other and finding more out about each other and linking with each other for potential future ministry.  It was great to be immersed (yes, I am a Baptist) in this environment for the duration of the conference.


Staying late, I was able to catch up with Justin and Brian Seidel for a round of Golf.  It was interesting that Brian wanted to play 5 dollars a hole and only told us on the last hole he played NCAA Golf in College.  (Just kidding on the $ part).  I think I hit the most greens on the par three course.  (Also hit the most water hazards and sand traps as well..)


ReGroup Summit was an event that was well worth clearing my calendar and attending.   I would place this event on par or above SYMC in quality, and it’s level of intimacy is unsurpassed in any other conference I’ve been to.  I look forward to SYMC this winter (If i can swing it…)  But it is on my list of things to do this winter.

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