Blogger Ethnography Results (Part 3) BAD Habits

While there were many good things blog writers and readers said they liked blogging about, it appears that everyone agreed on bad blogging habits.
  • Ripping off someones material.  (Hat Tip or not) Taking peoples ideas wholesale without linking back to their blog is universally frowned upon.
  • Spamming Facebook or Twitter.  Both are annoying, we can see you have a post, posting many times in a row is just annoying.
  • Attacking other blogs/bloggers, were not talking about intellectual discourse, but there is a line where one attacks the blogger and not the content. BOO
  • Ripping on your Boss.  Coming onto your blog just to rip on your boss is poor.  Just makes you look bad… we all know we are only hearing your side of the story and after awhile wonder what the other side is…
  • Ripping on parents, colleagues, students, etc… bad form in general…
  • Posting polarizing topics for the fun of it…
    • I found it interesting that these also generated lots of hits, although people didn’t like it.

Readers also report these poor habits:

  • Long posts, tons of text blocks.
  • No content.
  • No originality.

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