Weight Loss, Loseit and Language

Weight Loss

Many of those who know me, know that for many parts of my life I have been “Big Boned” or had a “Healthy Appetite.”  So dealing with weight loss has always been one of those points of contention in my life.  Perhaps there’s something to the effect that when I’m down I eat more (Like sooo many others).  There have been times where I have been in the “ideal weight” category (post HS, and right as I moved to Maine).  But, often, as with many of those like me with Hectic schedules, eating right, or healthy is next to impossible.   I’ve spent time varying in degrees of being overweight.  I’m not proud of it but I have done things to myself to get this way and also have reacted poorly to situations that contribute to my fluctuating weight loss and gains.


My Weapons of Choice

The first “weapon of choice” in my weighty battles is Lose it!  Lose it is a great app that allows me to track exercise, food intake, invite friends to join me in mutual accountability and encouragement.  Also you can post to facebook and twitter as an extra feature that helps those in your circles know what you do and gives an extra layer of accountability as well.  I find myself making better choices when I have to open my computer or my iphone to register what I’ve eaten and how much I need to exercise.

Spinning is probably my favorite workout activity.  I suppose a workout program is different for everyone.  What works for me might not work for you, and so on.  But the team aspect and coaching aspect of spinning seems to help me not give up and press on.  I’ve burnt thousands of calories in a single workout with this technique and have lost major weight utilizing this program.

My (limited) Success

My success has been good when I have been engaged with this program.  Both of these tools seem to work very well for me.  I have been able to take off 30+ lbs last fall.  Which I am very happy about.  Now the part I’m not happy about.

My Weakness

Language has been my undoing.  While the power of praise in twitter and facebook helped me keep going and sustained weight loss.  A single person used the same media to ridicule my efforts and in a single post, took that positive power away.  It’s sincere when I say that the person who did was (and is) very close, perhaps that’s what the injury was worse, even with the phrase “I was just joking” completely disheartened my efforts to make myself better.  I live in the thinnest state in the nation and know what it’s like to be judged for looking different (not much different than the rest of my life).  But, let’s face it certain people hurt more.


It’s taken me eight months to process this, and this morning (530am) I refreshed my Lose it page (gaining more than I had lost earlier), and head to the gym to go spinning (which was canceled because they are refinishing the spinning room floor).  However, I did work out for awhile on the elliptical machine and I do plan on getting back in there.  There are some people in your life you love to much to easily block on your twitter or facebook pages.  (Perhaps I’m wrong) so along with life, I need to get back on the horse and keep fighting.

I also need to keep in mind that “just joking” is a foolish excuse for wounding someone else.



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  1. Leya says:

    Thanks for the encouragement… I’m so tired of being over weight! It seems that there has been enough convergence of friends and cyber friends working on weight to get back at it. I just started on lose it! and it’s surprisingly simple. Best of luck in your weightloss journey!

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