Blogger Ethnography Results (Part 2) Good Habits

The survey demonstrated that readers and writers agreed that Tuesdays and Thursdays were the best days to blog.

Almost all blog writers reported not blogging any during the weekends due to the lack of the pageviews.

Best Blog Habits:

  • Consistency, Concise (500 words), Original Material.  
  • The majority of blog readers and writers report 3 posts a week as their norm/ideal.  
  • The greatest responses show between 2-5 posts were the most normative.  

Best Subject Matter:

  • Helping Parents Relate to Kids, Leadership, Keeping family/personal life, Conflict Management, Youth Pastor-Parent Relationships, Administration and Culture.  

The subject matter did seem to vary a great bit.  Tomorrow, I’ll share results on bad blogging habits which had a greater deal of unanimity behind it…

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Great article! Some good research material.

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