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Here is a Review I wrote of Producteev, an app for all computers, and many other platforms (smartphones, iPad, etc).

My Friend Phil Bell Encouraged me to write a guest post for his blog located here:

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August 23, 2011 in Technology with 0 Comments

Youth Workers (stereotypically) have one great weakness, that is our ability to administrate and multi-task several projects at once.  While some of us might have it down, most of us are looking for that leg up to help us be better administrators.  My friend Andy (@outsideallday) from Group suggested this app to me after I asked him what does he use for task lists and managing his day.  I started to play around with producteev and it has shown great value and potential (I’ve been using it for about 6 months, still haven’t gotten to every nook and cranny yet).  But what I have learned has convinced me that this is a great app to use.

I have two basic rules when it comes to my APPS 1) It must work really well and 2) Being free helps extremely.  I have to say that Producteev is an app that does both very well J.  Producteev is productivity software that works across all platforms that I can think of; you can create tasks for this program from your iphone, ipad, mac, pc, Gmail, email, Google Calendar, etc.  It also has web-based program and desktop based programs that you can use to coordinate all of your task-lists.  You can just email important emails to (after you set your account up, which is easy) and it will automatically create tasks for you.  When you have time you just go in and tweak whatever you need to do to it.

Tasks: Tasks are very simple to make no matter how you are trying to enter them in.  Basically there is a bar that you can type in your task.  From there you can insert date (and time if necessary) it is due, prioritize it from 1-5 stars, attach notes (I use notes to attach syllabi requirements to my assignments (tasks).   You can set up Reminders for your tasks and you can set up a Repetition for tasks that are due every month.  I just noticed there’s a Crowdsource function that enables you to tap into your social media/email to use those to help you accomplish tasks as well.   On the bottom of the task screen you can see all the changes made (and who made them) for your tasks, so if you need to fix something, you can see what happened.

Overview Section: There is an overview section that contains all your tasks that are either ever created or due.  From this you can assign a task into a workspace or just arrange all your tasks to see what across all your priorities need to be done next.

Workspaces: One great aspect of this app is that instead of creating one long to do list, you can create workspaces.  Workspaces can serve as master lists so you can break up your job into multiple categories (Missions, Wed. Night, Sunday School, Committee X, Y, Z, etc).  You can have a workspace and assign someone else to use that workspace with you (One is free, more is for a nominal charge).  The collaboration on this app is great!.   You can add as many workspaces as you want.  Inside workspaces you can arrange these tasks in many different ways.

Labeling: Labeling is a way to organize your tasks inside of a workspace.  Lets say (like me) you are on a committee, and in that committee you have several roles.  You can use labels to break these roles up and still have them on the same Workspace.  For me, I have a leadership flag, a communications flag (things I need to communicate), among others.  For my school Workspace I assign a flag for every class.  You can then organize your list by flags to see what assignments you have left for a particular class. You can also assign multiple labels if it applies to several projects at the same time…

Priority: You can assign tasks a priority, the program will help cue them for you (if you want) to see what tasks have the highest priority.  You can use this with or without due dates to see what are those things that need to get done ASAP, vs what things need to get done whenever.

Hot Tasks: Producteev learns your working style and creates Hot Tasks based on due date, etc.  So if you want to know what urgently needs to be done, click this and it will tell you what is about to go up in flames if you don’t pay attention to it.

Team Members: In the free version you can assign one team member to each workspace (they and you can work in that workspace together.  You can Assign work to them (or them to you).  It’s a great collaboration tool.  If you want more you can pay to have more team members utilize your producteev account.

Reports (email): Producteev also allows you to send yourself reports on what tasks you have made and what has been completed so you have a handle on your workload for a particular day (or week).  You can also have it send you reports on what is due that week, or tomorrow.  This functionality is rather versatile.  I have it send me tasks that are due tomorrow.

Closing: As you see, I like Producteev and have been using it rather well.  It has been an excellent tool for Seminary (all those classes, syllabi, projects, etc) as well as all the other areas of my life that need to be arraigned.  So, if your so inclined you can get started by going to or searching for it in the app store of the mobile device of your choice.

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