Power of Networking (in Ymin) 3 of 3

Power of Networking (pt 3)

In this three part series on the power of networking, We’ve discussed on Tuesday: Brainstorming, Resource Sharing, Increased Knowledge Base and Accountability for the first four ways networking makes you a better youth worker. Yesterday we added Fellowship/Encouragement, Collaboration and Soul Care to the list. Today we round out the top ten reasons Networking makes you a better youth worker.

8 ) Prayer Base

People interceding to God, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit for you and on your behalf for you and your ministry. Nothing could be more powerful than joining with fellow youth ministers to pray on and over something you are passionate about. Spending time in fellowship with the Holy Spirit could only draw you closer to Him and your purpose and vision in youth ministry.

9 ) Logistical Support

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands. You might be trying to pull off an event that is as audacious as the calling that God has placed you into. Either way, being able to lend on friends to help get you through those tough times. (Reciprocally) Working with each other, and having others trouble shoot your logistics can help you pull off events more smoothly than if you just did it yourself. Having someone ahead of you, letting you know that theres a “low bridge” ahead can help you not bash your face in it as you round the corner. Logistics are necessary to pull of ministry of any size or quality.

10 ) Fostering Community

When in a community, there are different churches, with different purposes and different visions, often (if not always) attempting to reach a vast population of students who outnumber the resources that your churches have can put together. (Try adding up the numbers, i’m pretty the capacity of each church won’t surpass the amount of students needing to be reached in your community.) Being together and appearing as allies on campus shows the world a unified Christian Body. We (most of us) Youth Workers know that we won’t “Click” with each student. How great would it be when we don’t click with a student, we can plug them in with a leader (in our church or in another church) that they can click with? Being in a network takes the competition away from each other and makes it a competition against the devil, where it belongs…

Need help getting into a network? Contact my friends at National Network of Youth Ministry: Like a Bad Zombie Movie: They’re Everywhere!!!

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