I Wanna Hit Baseballs

Mr. Baseball has to be one of my all time favorite movies.  One part of this movie caught my mind the other day and it explains where I am in life right now.  
See, Tom Selleck, was in the midst of a slump and his coach helps him get out of his slump.  His coach has Tom running up and down bleachers, doing drills, pretty much everything except hitting baseballs.  One day, coach takes Tom to the batting cage where he systematically hits golfballs for what seems like hours. 
Exasperated, Tom, yells at his coach.  “I wanna hit baseballs!”   Coach replies “That’s what I want to hear.”
That’s pretty much how I feel now.
That’s what this process has felt like to me, until now.  I feel seminary has, in many ways, been an exercise in the art of hitting baseballs.  For me, baseballs is the equivalent of youth and family ministry.  I’ve been doing exercises, some in english, others in greek and hebrew, conducting ethnographies, doing internships as a hospital chaplain, applying hermeneutics and so on.  
Now that I have graduated.  All I wanna do is “hit baseballs!”  Not saying, I haven’t been involved in ministry, but it has been in an advisory/apprenticeship mode in some ways for my current youth pastor at the church I’ve been serving at.  
I know many other youth ministers in a similar position to me.  They are either entering or in between ministry positions, itching for a chance to get back into the batters box and hit some baseballs.  
Now all I need is a job that will allow me to hit those baseballs 🙂 

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