Youth Ministry’s Rule 5 Draft

I think Youth Ministry Parachurch world is in the Middle of A Rule 5 Draft…

In pro baseball, a rule five draft is where teams pick up players from other teams to use on their big league roster.  Following youth ministry recently I’ve discovered that many youth ministry agencies are going through a similar re-alignment akin to a giant game of Shuffle Your Buns (is that game still street legal?)

Just for Kicks Here’s how it panned out… (so far)

@timschmoyer was released by his team and started his own team as Life in Student Ministry and Family Ministry.  Tim, (Or should I say Dana is now his own general manager).

@MattMurphy started his blog and potential mentorship team at Engaging the Shadows of Youth Ministry (but i think he reported to ice hockey instead).

Ryan Nielsen leaves his Texas franchise for a potential of creating his own team in CA with

Marko, released (not sure if that’s the right word, but I’m going with the baseball analogy) from YS begins his own mammoth mentoring team.

@markmatlock joined the ranks of Youth Specialties and takes helm of their ministry.

@dougfields leaves his expansion franchise simply youth ministry and heads over to youth specialties and teaching at Azusa Pacific.

Mindi moves from YS and heads over to YMToday.

Marko drafts @AdamMclane to create The Youth Cartel.  Creating an internet mentoring/consulting/multimedia team.

@Jake_Rasmussen aka The Stud, joins the ranks of Simplyyouthministry and becomes their biggest tool.  I mean runs Simplyyouthministrytools.

@Len Evans steps up in a role at Group/SYM and leads a phenomenal Soul Care expansion franchise.

@ChrisDavis moves over to Youth Specialties to run their internet marketing.  (I heard he got a free case of Gatorade for his sons world championship Cubs (little league).

@Mattmurphy also left Denver Seminary and is looking to be drafted, open to starting a New England/Northeast franchise of any of the above ministries.


BTW… this is all done tongue in cheek.  Just was reflecting last night on the changes in the small world of youth ministry.  🙂

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