SYM Soul Care (Excellent Resource)

I’m really excited about this new ministry by Simply Youth Ministry.

SYM Soul Care is a ministry that seeks to expand on ‘the Shelter’ at their annual conference and build it into a year long program of Pastors caring for Youth Pastors. Len Evans is heading up this campaign after being hand selected by the SYM team to head up this effort to provide soul care to those in youth ministry who need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a heart that needs encouragement, but also have the tools to help that youth worker find deeper help if they so choose.

The reality is, for those in ministry having a confidential, compassionate voice is not always possible inside one’s own church or locality. (It’s not always safe.) With this program:

Soul Care Advocate team is comprised of pastors and veteran youth workers who’ve volunteered their time to listen to your situation and offer advice and encouragement and prayer. If you need additional support they can also help connect you with professional counselors, mentors, or assist connecting you with the appropriate local support you need.

The procedure for getting help is rather easy:

Head over to their Website and fill out the application form:

Read the waiver, understand that they are confidential up to a point, and check the box and submit the form.

Len will review these and either call you back or have a Soul Care Advocate call you within 24 Hours.

The Soul Care Team and you will talk with you, offer counsel, prayer, encouragement.

If you need more help, SYM Soul Care Advocates will work with you to find the right professional in your area to help you deal with your situation.

If you Need Help, Contact the SYM Soul Care Team, as they are eager to help you with your soul care needs.

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