Product Review: Simply Youth Ministry Show

The Show is back on the air.

Simply Youth Ministry, a subsidiary of Group Publishing has posted their new Simply Youth Ministry Show.  Due to some changes at Group and Youth Specialties, their was a realignment of the show and a complete overhaul of the SYM Show experience.

What is new?

Rather than “just enough youth ministry so you don’t feel guilty for watching” the SYM show is hosted by Jake Rutenbar and Kurt Johnston and in half the time (Half an Hour), tackle a single topic in an interview format with special guests.

Is it better?

It is certainly different!  My thoughts after the second show (first is pretty much an intro/throwaway/rid the bugs show) is that the show was well prepared and the speakers were an excellent fit for the topic.  At the end of the day, I think that the topical format will be easier for listeners to find a topic they want to learn more about and find it, rather than getting into a send in your question format which leads to redundancy of questions.

Will I keep Watching?

Yes! I think this show will gain momentum and grow into the future.  Topics are vast and almost limitless.  Certain things like culture are continually changing and will need us to continuing our education and helping us become better youth pastors.

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