#1 Top Ten Things I Learned in Seminary – Wife and Family is Most Important

#1- Wife/Family is Most Important

In one of my first semesters at seminary, we were having a difficult time with being far away from home.  The day before a major paper is due, I saw the strain affecting our relationship and especially my wifes emotional state.  I chose to take her out and spend time with her rather than do the Church History paper.  

A few days later I handed in the paper late, explained to the professor (unapologetically) in a forthright manner.  He took the paper.  A few weeks later he handed back the paper, with a note stating that in ministry there will be times when you have to GO MINISTER, but at the same time your FAMILY needs you as well.  Choosing right during those times is very important.  It is very important that YOUR FAMILY WINS. 

He then wrote that the paper was late, but was deducted ZERO points, because I chose right.  I’m glad seminary reinforced needs of families and the reinforcement is that as a minister there are times your wife and family come first.  If they don’t come first, something is out of balance in your ministry and personal life. 

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