#5 Top Ten Things I Learned in Seminary – You Need To Own Your Own Journey

#5 – You Need To Own Your Own Journey

My fifth learning goes along with my sixth.  What I mean by owning your own journey is that while faculty, staff, friends, classmates are around to help you get to a common goal (graduation).  You need to take ownership of your own work.  Your work ethic is built here for your future.  If you are looking for shortcuts, to be the member of the class to take the shortest way out, that’s sad, but I feel more sorry for the church you might call home.

You also don’t need to know it all.  Not knowing and owning up to where you don’t know happens.  It is more important for you to own your ignorance and search for the solution.  Making up answers is not acceptable, get your facts straight, form an opinion then respond.  This goes along with not passing the buck.  I’ve learned this and seen this in action.  Being accountable to and for others (Matt 18) are both strong quality traits in ministry.  Heading into ministry without it (or being in seminary) without it is not acceptable…

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