Christianity, Usama and the Rob Bell Controversy


As many of you know I’ve been doing research on youth ministry blogging.  Part of my hypothesis is that one could attract someone with a really snappy title based on some controversy and drive pageviews up on their website.  I laid this out knowing it would do no real harm to someone by clicking on this link and wanted to see how it would effect my blog.

I wanted to thank you for checking this out, but would also love your comments below on why you stopped by.  I have made a serious post, which is on 2 Timothy 2, which I think is rather relevant for today’s topic.

This blog normally focuses on Helping Youth Pastors Engage the Shadows of Youth Ministry.  I hope you find the content on this site useful to you and your ministry.

God Bless

2 Responses to Christianity, Usama and the Rob Bell Controversy

  1. Steve Finnell says:

    you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Matt Murphy says:

    I will check it out for sure! Its opened on my desktop for a better read when I'm not trying to outrun the last assignment of my Seminary Career! God Bless!

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