Preliminary Results from YMin Blog Reader Survey

Here are the top five blogs based on the responses gained from my short survey.  These were complied by people who reported being regular readers of blogs. 

  1. More than Dodgeball  by Josh Griffin
  2. Doug Fields  and Adam McLane
  3. Life in Student Ministry by Tim Schmoyer
  4. Why is Marko and Youth Leader Stash 
  5. YMToday and

4 Responses to Preliminary Results from YMin Blog Reader Survey

  1. Tim Schmoyer says:

    Any info on how "top" blogs were determined? because I didn't provide any of the typical info that's used to measure that.

  2. Matt Murphy says:

    I asked what were the survey takers favorite blogs to read and asked them to order it from one to ten. Gave pts for each level, and tallied them. Its more of an opinion off of what people report rather than data based on hits/analytics.

    I haven't started analyzing the survey that I asked you the information for. That is the blog writers survey.

    Point wise, 1-3 places were rather closely grouped, then a gap, for 4 and another gap to 5.

  3. Tim Schmoyer says:

    Ahh, okay, cool. That makes sense now. Thanks for the clarification.

  4. Matt Murphy says:

    I used two surveys (one for readers and one for writers) and cross checked them based on their answers to give my research some internal validity.

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