BOOK REVIEW: The Indispensable Youth Pastor

I attended the second half of Indispensable Youth Pastor seminar at Simply Youth Ministry’s Conference a few months ago.  Being done with seminary, I finally have finished reading the book that went along with this seminar (or vice versa).   I was able to read the entire book in an afternoon/evening, it is a real solid book.  DeVries and Dunn-Rankin arrange this book into three sections: how to Land, Love and Lock in your youth ministry dream job.  Each of these sections is broken down into many chapters of a few pages of concise, crisp and clear tips for youth workers who are looking for, getting into and developing a sustainable youth ministry.

The biggest audience for this book would be those getting into youth ministry and those who have been having problems making a good fit into a church.  I would highly recommend it to those groups.  If by any chance you haven’t been able to get a grip on being in a church more than a few years, read this book.  IF you are new to youth ministry or are thinking of youth ministry. Read this book.

For veterans of youth ministry I can see this be a great tool as the chapters are small and you can flip to pages when you are dealing with struggles, such as staff or parent relationships.  DeVries and Dunn-Rankin concisely put into terms what symptoms and problems of many youth ministry situations.  Their subtle rebukes at times help the youth minister realize when they be in the wrong and where they can make positive gains with who they work with and for.


Devries has two other books that I believe are strong youth ministry books and worth the read:

Sustainable Youth Ministry and Family-Based Youth Ministry

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