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Watching Teen Mom over the past few weeks had led me to several observations regarding this show.  I’ve heard some say that this show promotes promiscuity and gives teen girls the hope that they can be a “reality TV star” by getting pregnant at the age of 16.  Not sure if there’s any solid research backing this up or is it most likely conjecture. A major theme that I’ve picked out is that many of these moms were indoctrinated into the school of birth control and that you need to do this because 1) You will have sex anyway and 2) It is foolproof way to stop pregnancy and STD’s.

Is the message of birth control really working?

Behavioral conditioning is an area of cognitive-behavioral therapy that involves classical/operant conditioning to train and one of the biggest fields of this is Applied Behavioral Analysis (http://iaba.com/) Having been trained in this area, I understand why birth control often fails.  The reward in having sex (an orgasm) is the chemical release of oxycotin, vasopressin and endorphins are released in the brain.

Oxycotin, vasopressin and endorphins are all addictive.  Two of these are in the class of opiods which  is a major addictive chemical.  Hence, sex addiction, etc.  The difficulty with having teens (by nature impulsive) use birth control, is that in the heat of the moment, their lower brain functions override their higher brain functions and go for the addictive chemicals.  Which explains why those engaged in sexual intercourse Can’t Control Themselves.   Essentially, safe sex advocates give teens permission to go swimming as long as they don’t get wet.   Sex is as addictive as heroin, the damage it does is greater than a condom or a pill can protect against.  The ingrained nature of these biochemicals in the brain do lasting damage.  They may not walk away pregnant, but often (if not always) walk away scarred and increasingly less likely to form a life long bond with the mate they choose to get married to.  (Generalization of the stimulus… if anything can stimulate, then why not get anything… marriage is irrelevant)

Bible and Biochemistry

Gen 2:24 Gives the biblical formation for marriage.  Man shall leave his Father and Mother and be Joined to his wife.  (Leave and Cleave) Marriage is made for one on one contact.  Research strongly suggests that Vasopressin is a chemical agent in the brain that causes the “cleaving” to take place.  This chemical enhances our ability to form lifelong monogamous relationships with others.

Heb. 13:4: Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge.  God specifically makes the marriage bed holy (set apart).  Fornication and adulterers are repeatedly warned of the damage of their actions in the Bible.   The chemicals mentioned above help this in a couple ways.   When a monogamous partnership is formed these chemicals reinforce positively the bonds of matrimony and essentially makes the two addicted to each other.  These chemicals provide short term pleasure, but also long term attachment to the other.   By building a healthy theology of sex, we see that God has created sex to be a sustainer and builder of the marriage relationship, not something to be taken lightly.  By being flippant with sex, we destroy the tools that God gives us to fortify the marital relationship.  (not saying that sex is all you need, but it is a major ingredient that God provides marriage to have it endure).

Premarital Sex and Behavioral Therapy.

God provides us with great opportunities and tools to remain in monogamous relationships and staying faithful to one another.  The danger, with premarital sex, is that it is cursed by God, and the biochemicals reinforce a behavioral term called generalization.   Meaning the human body learns that these chemicals can be released by anyone at anytime.  With that, faithfulness flies out the window.  The more partners one has, the more one is likely to see as a sexual/chemical conquest and not a relationship, not a life partner, something that can be easily be replaced.  Rather than being in love and building those God-Given bonds, they are replaced by building a biochemical feeling of ecstasy that can be fulfilled by anyone else (or oneself).

By Being Permissive about Premarital Sex, we tear at the God Given fabric of marriage.  Its like sewing two fabrics together then ripping them apart at the seams, sooner or later, that fabric is so frayed that it becomes relatively impossible to sew them together and have them adhere.  At best they won’t be like the fabric that has only been sewn together once.

Truth and Consequences


Youth leaders need to speak of these with our youth and their parents in both in terms of the above actions, but also in terms of consequences of the long and short term effects of living this type of lifestyle.   This may be a media tool that youth workers can wisely use to point out that it’s not a pain free experience, that sacrifices start the second you get pregnant.  That they don’t need to become a statistic, and they can live above the influence of our culture.

Check this book out:

Girls Uncovered

For a secular view of what I said above, check this out

Premarital sex, pornography and masturbation take what God has ordained out of it’s ordained domain.  Inside its proper domain, sex is the glue (even biochemical glue) that creates the bonds that hold marriages together.

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  1. While you are bringing up *some* valid points, you have commited a fallacy of relevance called the Red Herring. Your initial paragraphs have absolutely nothing to do with if birth control is affective or not. You talk about endorphins released in the brain and how teens can’t control themselves but no actual information on why birth control does not work. The following is something I wrote for class on the fallacy your so eager, but misinformative article commits. Try politics next, it’s much more accepting of beating around the bush.

    In an article I read online relating to the show ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’, the writer attempts to degrade the use of birth control. In his argument, he states that “I understand why birth control often fails. The reward of having sex is the chemical release of oxycotin, vasopressin, and endorphins are released in the brain.” The writer ends his paragraph there with absolutely no justification for why this makes birth control fail. Instead, the writer digresses and talks about chemicals released in the brain during an orgasm. In his next paragraph, he says, “The difficulty with having teens (by nature impulsive) use birth control, is that in the heat of the moment, their lower brain functions override their higher brain functions and go for the additive chemicals. Which explains why those engaged in sexual intercourse can’t control themselves.” While these may be valid points, his arguments have nothing to do with his initial argument into if birth control is really working.

    • mattmurphy79 says:

      Thanks for your input. Perhaps I didnt draw the conclusion as well a I should have. My argument is one of risk over reward. The biochemicals are stronger in the brain than the brains will to stop ‘In the heat of the moment’ and realize they need to stop or they need to change their behavior. This makes birth control ‘failure’ one o operator error. Hence why I hear of many trying the early removal method try and fail. The bigger arguments lie in the premise that sex has a design greater than an orgasm and biochemistry shows that there are some consequences to this type of behavior where all one sees is te need to not have a baby. Eater than the need to keep oneself pure for marriage. That is where I was going with the behavioral and generalization arguments. I’ll try to write more later. I doing this on my iPhone at the moment. Have a nice day.

    • mattmurphy79 says:

      You should check out Girls Uncovered by McIlhaney and McKissic-Bush Very good book tackling the same subject I talk about here. Very informative and talks about the hormones from an attachment point of view, talks about how guy and girls hormone mixes are different and what this means for sexual encounters for both. But especially young women who get the short end of the stick.


    • mattmurphy79 says:

      Check out this video. It becomes a carnal instinct and overrides the minds use of “common sense”

  2. mattmurphy79 says:

    May I ask what class you are writing this for ? Just curious.

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