Simple is Good

Watching Restaurant Wars on TV

I saw two groups battling it out to win their very own restaurant.  They had 24 hours to make a menu, construct a dining area, and execute a plan that would turn the judges heads and enable them to win this great prize.

A Fatal Flaw

One group decided to throw a menu together with a dozen items, the designer went gung-ho on creating the most ornate, busy restaurant area.  They were so busy in being busy, they started to forget details.  They forgot to make a list for the grocery store, so ended up guessing what needed to be purchased.  They did not know how much they needed so their portion control was way off.  They only had 24 hours to do this, so the menu was overloaded, and the items to be cooked were ill-prepared.  In the end, their desire to throw everything together and make it HUGE, got them hacked.

The Winning Team

The couple on the other team chose a few items, but did them well.  Their grocery shopping was rather easy because they had made a list and portioned out the meal and projected how many people they were going to feed.  The dishes were very well executed and each dish was done in the strengths of the chef and nothing seemed to come out of ‘left-field.’  The dining room was not too ornate, it was well painted, chairs and tables matched an overall theme, but were simple and not over cluttered.

The Take Away

I’ve seen youth ministries that do both.  They either get so busy with doing “things” that take up “time” that while the youth minister is “busy” they aren’t ACCOMPLISHING ANYTHING!!!

BUT there are ministries that focus on their purposes.  They create things that revolve around these purposes, because their is less to do, more time can be spent on the details, and while they may remain busy, they are actually ACCOMPLISHING MINISTRY!!!

Simplicity isn’t Stupidity

The chef’s and organizers of the winning restaurant won.  They kept things SIMPLE.  However, they executed their simple plan with excellence. I think many youth ministers could have a huge take away with this message.

Simple executed excellently makes your programs great. Many have heard the acronym KISS.  Meaning keep it simple, silly (or another “s” word).

Sometimes business is evidence that you are like a hamster on a wheel, going 100 miles per hour, but you will step off exactly where you stepped on.

Ministry is a Marathon. Being prepared and excellent at the simple things of ministry will help you rise to the occasion and perform excellently when crises hit.

Do you have any simple ideas for Youth Ministry?

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  1. Jeremy Smith says:

    Love the idea! Every year, we reevaluate what three events are a must keep and then everything else is up on the chopping blog. One big event and one small event a month, nothing more or less. Then the rest is relational ministry and programming.

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