Youth Worker Devotions: Ordination

I had the privilege of attending an ordination today of a good friend Mike Walter.  It was a three hour tour out to Wray, CO to visit Wray Southern Baptist Church where Mike has traveled every other week for the last three years to preach the Word to a great bunch of folks living in the Great Plains.

Pastor D. Ray Taylor from Heritage Baptist Church of Stratton, CO gave the charge to the candidate and I wanted to share my notes this week as my youth worker devotion.

First he quoted Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf in two of the rules of leadership and war.  #13 – When you find yourself in command — TAKE CHARGE!  #14 – When you are in charge – DO IT RIGHT.  

He proceeded to make 5 Solid Points about being a Minister of the Word.  I’ll briefly list them.

Live with Integrity: without it, you have no ministry, or right to be behind the pulpit.

Laziness will kill you.  Pastor D. Ray quoted several studies and personal anecdotes that indicated that in only the Profession of Ministry is mediocrity protected and even accepted.  He called laziness a blight on the church and exhorted Mike (and all pastors) to work hard and not be mediocre.

Love with Sincerity: People will follow you when you are genuine.  He exhorted Mike not to be a Pastor in an Ivory Tower, but live among his congregation and fellowship with them.  He quoted “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Join the Human Race:  Have a sense of humor.  Laugh with freedom.  He quoted a study saying that two big reasons that people love Chuck Swindoll are that he genuinely loves on people and he makes everyone feel that he is one of them.

The last point he made was:  A Ministers Sole Responsibility is to Please the LORD!

My thoughts for you this week are simple.  Check out the list above.  What areas of your “game” can you improve.  Are you embracing mediocrity?  Are you okay with not putting in your book time in the name of “relational ministry” or does walking into a sermon with a half baked devotion scare you?  Do you know when to lighten up and when to bear down?  Both are necessary in ministry.  The challenge is finding that balance.

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