Youth Ministry Mentor Tip: Online Sermon Review

The other night I ventured into a new area of mentoring for me.  My friend asked me to review a video of him preaching because he perceived he was having some difficulty with it.  So, I went online watched a video and reviewed it over IM with my friend.
I noticed a few benefits to our experience for both of us.
  • He was able to get affirmation for what he was doing well.
  • Being online, we could talk about his sermon giving specific times on the video counter and specific feedback.
    • With this we could also pause and problem solve how to make better questions, illustrations and transitions.
  • It helps the mentor keep good preaching techniques in the front of their mind as they prepare their lessons.
  • It helps pick up on blind spots that the individual may miss if they just looked at their preaching alone.

A few reasons why periodically assessing your preaching is important:

  • Ensures your preaching is hitting its marks, making its point and that you don’t chase too many rabbit trails.
  • Preaching improves with reflection, the more you know how you do things right and wrong, the more you can practice doing it right.
  • Figure out if you are starting any annoying mannerisms… (I sometimes play with my ring on my finger, or keys in my pocket… )
  • Allows someone to give you honest feedback… encouraging and exhorting you as you improve.
  • Helps set benchmarks.  In other words, it helps you set goals and track your progress over time.

Having someone else review your preaching can be intimidating.  However, learning and improving in reaching your students as you teach them ought to be motivation to keep you improving.  So, find someone you trust and that will give you frank and honest feedback.  The results of review and working on your preaching should help you be a more effective communicator of Christ for your students.

4 Responses to Youth Ministry Mentor Tip: Online Sermon Review

  1. Nikomas says:

    interesting idea! I like it.

  2. gumbystation says:

    One addition to this for myself, I write most of my stuff months in advance so that the senior pastor can possibly work stuff into his sermon that parallels.

  3. Matt Murphy says:

    Great idea Gumby. When on a team, I like doing group think, it often helps ideas cross pollinate both sermons, and weeds the bad ones out…

  4. Matt Murphy says:

    Thanks Nikomas for the comment!

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