Perspective on Bullying and Media

I saved this story of two young girls who committed suicide because of incessant bullying at their school.  As I sit here writing this story I am about 5 miles from Columbine High School.  Bet you don’t even have to google to recall what happened there a decade or so ago now.


between these two girls and the two Columbine victims is that they (what is typical for their gender)  finally acted out to escape from the tormented lives.  Guys, who typically pick more violent ways to act out when cornered, devised a plan to take as many of their ‘predators’ with them as possible.  The girls, took a common route for themselves, internalizing their anger and destroyed themselves.  While some may say two wrongs never make a right, which is true… it never should excuse the first wrong from happening in the first place.

A Permissive and Conflicted Atmosphere…

pervades this culture.  It doesn’t give any strong definitions of right and wrong, just one of class, economics, power and stereotypes.  Similarly media puts out messages that send mixed messages.  On one hand there are anti-abuse and domestic violence ads and PSA’s.  Yet on the other, the radio is filled with songs like Katy Perry’s “E.T” where the lyrics say to the contrary:

They say be afraid
You’re not like the others
Futuristic lover
Different DNA
They don’t understand you …

Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction.

With these mixed messages, how are teens supposed to react?

How are guys expected to treat young ladies who they want to date… but the songs they hear tell them that the girl “wants to be the victim” and is “ready for abduction.”

How are young ladies supposed to act when their pop stars are pushing this off as normal.  Where being a victim and being abducted are something to be reached for.  I hear that they are at the same time: Supposed to be empowered and empower themselves with all they are supposed to be in a relationship is “be a victim” and “abducted.”  Neither are actually good, yet we wonder why they harm themselves, getting trapped in cycles of violence, etc.

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  2. Jeremy Smith says:

    I am NOT a fan of bullying. It does not have a place in the ministry which I serve, nor will it be a part of my life. Thanks for the great article.

    We wrote a couple of articles on bullying too, would love to hear your thoughts:

    Getting Bullied

    Stop the Bullying

    • mattmurphy79 says:

      Thanks Jeremy. More stuff came out in the media this week about bullying… might do some posts on it again. Not sure if it’s a growing problem, or if the problem is getting more publicity.

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