“Wal-Mart People”

Perhaps you’ve come across one of the newest (yet oldest) viral videos:

Its a montage of the people of WalMart, you know those individuals caught shopping at Walmart, that are supposed to make you smile, laugh, chuckle at them.  Perhaps its because they are wearing something goofy, look dorky, “red-neckish” and so on.  Perhaps I need some help understanding something…

Is it JUST ME??

Last time I checked, these were people too.  I sit imagining the person actually in the room as me and think, is this really glorifying them, or me?  Would that person feel that in my church?  My living room? My office?

Perhaps we forget too easily that these people are also created in the Image of God?

Maybe, it’s just me, but are these people some of the “least of these” that Jesus talks about?

Maybe I’m overreaching, but if Christ said calling people names, calling them fools make one liable for their actions leading to eternal judgement, maybe doing so over facebook, youtube and twitter is not really any different?

If we do this in private or with our youth on our iPhones, etc…

are we really surprised when they and we don’t act right towards “the least of these” in public???


(I did not link to those sites, youtubes, etc here, because I don’t want to spread it around… )

2 Responses to “Wal-Mart People”

  1. Carlene says:

    It’s not really any more appropriate for you to call them “the least of these.” Seems as if you’re looking down on them too but using Bible quotes to do it. Just my personal opinion. But I see what you’re saying. I am a fan of the “people of Walmart” because without them, I wouldn’t be getting a paycheck. 🙂

  2. mattmurphy79 says:

    I hear ya. I think I was trying to bring out the point the Christ used when talking about the least of these. Basically stating, how you would treat any of these people you consider small/insignificant/freakish, that’s the way you treat me.

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