10 Ways Committees Fail 8-10


8. Lack of Leadership.

Committees still need leaders.  Leadership in committees looks different.  (Perhaps this is an entirely different blog post for another time.)  Leaders who are good at listening, restating, and building a healthy consensus before moving on help the committee members both feel heard and feel they have a purpose for being there.

9. Too much consensus and hand-holding.

Leaders can spend too much time in committee building consensus and hand-holding.  While getting everyone on the same page and having people feel valued are important, too much just gets your committee paralyzed with fear (See #7 from yesterday).  Helping the team understand that full consensus is important, but not the ultimate value can at times help the team move forward.  Sometimes a leap of faith needs to happen and championed by the leader who has the vision to take the committee to the next step in their process.

10. Too Much!

Too Much is another way a good committee can fail.  Aiming too high at too many things at once.  (Think middle school boy at a dance) too many targets and he fails miserably navigating them all.)   Moderating what a committee does and spends their time on helps the group accomplish more in the long term.  Sometimes tasks need to be tabled so what is already in progress can get accomplished and vice-versa.   Having a good mission or purpose statement helps the committee avoid this problem when it is utilized well by the team leader.

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