10 Ways Committees Fail 1-3

ChrsinroundFound this committee joke on a random website:

Committee: An organization that keeps minutes and loses hours.

With all humor comes truth, here are some nuggets to help you avoid Fail Committee

1.  Lack of follow through

Committees are teams, however everyone on the team needs to do their fair share.  Times when objectives are due need to be honored by the team.  Respecting fellow team members and completing tasks that were assigned help your group complete the objectives well.  Honesty is also required when something can’t be done on time so the team can step up if possible, rather than waiting for the meeting to discover you lost time, doing it before helps the team recover.

2.  Delegating with Acknowledgment

Secondary to the first, committee failure — along with many other types of failure — is due to a delegated task not getting done because the receiver doesn’t catch the pass that was thrown.  In hospital/social work we call it read back.  Meaning, the person on the receiving end reads back the order (request) so both parties understand what is to be done, when it is to be done by, and how/where it is to be done (if necessary).

3.  Meeting frequently enough to keep interest and momentum.

A separate area committees fail is that they do not meet frequently enough to keep momentum going.  Groups need a natural cadence to thrive.  Both inside a meeting and in between meetings.  Keeping things the same time and date helps people stay focused.  Committees often lose their firepower when they meet so infrequently, people lose interest and walk away.

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