Pornography’s effects on addict’s wives

Porn Series

Pornography has a devastating effect on marriages.

Wives who discover their husband’s addiction encounter several reactions such as:

– feel betrayed.
– Feel ugly.
– Feel not good enough.
– Lost trust in husband/men in general.
– Feel they have competition
– Feel pressure to be the porn star.
– Feel they have been cheated on.


Pornography often is deep seeded and the addiction takes root in adolescence.  Looking at the depth of this addiction and having the husband seek forgiveness of the wife may help reconciliation occur faster.

Considering that this is an addiction as powerful as heroin and other major drug addictions its important to recognize, while not acceptable, relapse is a probable reality considering the nature of this problem.  Counseling and accountability are often required to deal with these problems.

I made a post about change and how difficult it can be here.


With the birth of the internet, pornography as exploded and become way more accessible to everyone.  Now, its available on everything with an internet connection (cell phones included).  Software programs may be necessary to help discourage behavior and hold the addict accountable.  Each couple needs to determine if the spouse is the best accountability partner for this to work.

Several websites exist to help with accountability:

Accountability Links

XXX Church  – Accountability Software

Net Nanny – Filtering Program

Covenant Eyes – Accountability

Other Resources

Every Man’s Battle

Celebrate Recovery

COSA: (Support for those affected by someone else’s addiction)

Sexaholics Anonymous

Recovering Couples Anonymous

S-Anon: (Support for those affected by someone else’s addiction)

Sex Addicts Anonymous

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

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