Rick Lawrence’s Sifted and Shrewd $1.99 ea

Two of Rick Lawrence’s books are on sale through the end of the month in their e-book versions.  I am linking my reviews for both of these books, which I highly recommend.



Shrewd Link

My review can be found here:

I found Rick’s book to be an excellent commentary on the paradox that Christians face to be “Shrewd as snakes, innocent as doves.  Rick describes the proclivity for people to always take the frontal approach and not learn aspects of communication and leverage that occur when one take a sideways approach that often yields better results.   He discusses the parable of the shrewd manager to reinforce this biblical concept.



Sifted Link

My Sifted Review can be found here:

I really can’t say enough about this book.  Rick aptly uses many illustrations from stories we know well (like Lord of the Rings) and from stories we don’t know well, such as Spurgeon and Sir Earnest Shackleton.   The question of why God creates pain and trials in our life is never an easy one to answer on a particular level.  Sometimes we know why, sometimes we will never find the answer.  However, through these verses we see God’s promises in action and exactly how He helps us is played out.

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