Links from Ministering To Teens in a “Porn is the Norm” Culture


I had the privilege of being a room host for Simply Youth Ministry Conference’s track run by Walt Mueller entitled “Ministering to Teenagers in a “Porn is the Norm” Culture.” Walt shared many resources which I wish to pass on to you.


Walt recently blogged about the Youth Worker’s Response to Pornography here.

—Filter that helps you and an accountability partner keep your internet lifestyle porn free.

—Filters and resources to help you keep your sexual integrity.
—search for: Nick Black, my kid’s seen porn, what do i do now?

—Resources from secular point of view, research, videos, and articles to help you understand pornography and porn addiction.

—Resources from Center for Parent Youth Understanding focusing on children, teens and the internet/social media.


Pornified By: Pamela Paul

Wired for Intimacy: how porn hijacks the male brain. By: William M Struthers

The Meaning of Sex By: Dennis Hollinger

Questions Kids ask about sex By: Melissa R Cox

Sex and Dating By: Mindy Meier

When your husband is addicted to pornography: Healing your wounded Heart By: Vicki Tiede

Prayer for those who struggle with pornography

A prayer for those who struggle w pornography – scott smith.




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  2. Davienne Gordon-Ememodo says:

    Just starting to work with multicultural youth with lots of challenges in their lives, this is looking like some good info, thanks!

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