Book Review: Criticism Bites

Adult Leaders: Development: Criticism Bites - Criticism Bites: Physical

Criticism Bites

Brian Berry delves into a task that is often difficult for new professionals, especially youth workers to grasp. Brian nails the concept of criticism as he wrestles with the reasons why criticism hurts, then helps us understand how to cope with criticism and respond biblically. The sooner you grasp the concepts in this book, the better off you and your minstry will be.

Being able to understand criticism helps build a stronger ministry and keeps the leader from loosing their mind! This book should be in leadership primer classes as it aptly explores themes around criticism and explores what is and what isn't the readers responsibility.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has dealt with criticism and is in ministry. (even not in ministry). I read this book through in one sitting it was so good.


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