Youth Worker Devotions: Your Purpose!

Finding a Target

Without a vision for your life, you are up a creek without a paddle… (Prov 29:18).  When you look at your life are you seeing a good target or are you getting bounced and blown by every trend (or parental/board) complaint.  Do you take a long view, or is the scope of your sight just on this summer?

Moses on Purpose

Exodus 17 paints Moses at what was coming to be a common problem.  The people of Israel were complaining again.  They had been delivered from slavery, delivered from Pharaoh’s army by miraculously crossing the Red Sea, miraculously been provided with manna… now they were complaining of thirst.  Nearsighted Israel begs Moses to go back to Egypt and into slavery.  Moses, getting frustrated with Israel, scared of what they might do next, potentially even frustrated with YHWH (GOD), received his marching orders from God, and DID SO PUBLICLY.

Living on Purpose

Paul, preaching Christ, fulfilling the Purpose of God the father includes a very interesting quote about David where he says

…For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep… (Acts 13:36a)

Paul, gives great credit to David for a seemingly simple thing, fulfilling the purpose of God in his own generation.  Meaning, despite all his shortcomings, David sought after God to fulfill the purpose that God has in his life.

Like David, we need to seek after God’s purpose in our lives in our generation.  Purpose is bigger than just your vocational role as a youth minister and extends beyond that to fulfill the direct call of God onto your life.

Reflecting on Purpose

If you woke up tomorrow morning and everything in your life was perfect, you were able to do what you’ve always wanted, what would you do?


What’s your passion?  What burns you like nothing else, especially when others are apathetic about your cause?


What do you feel that God is telling you to do?





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