5 Reflections from Last Years #SYMC


1. Get a Plan

– Seriously, have a plan of what you would like to do before hand.  You can do this easily via SYMs schedule app here: http://conference.youthministry.com/schedule/

2. Blow it up!

– Have a plan, know what you want, but also connect with people around you.

– Take in some SOUL CARE from @SYMSoulCare.

– Grab Lunch with some friends, search #SYMC to find people to catch up with.

3. Connect

– Get with a connect group to meet up with people just like you!  Get information and connect with them throughout the year.  http://conference.youthministry.com/for-your-soul/connect-groups/

4. Be Blindsided

– There is much to do at this conference and you can easily get lost in the business and not make any connections.  I urge you to find time for the Holy Spirit to work in your life.  Skip a section and find a quiet place (there is a prayer room), go to some restaurant and journal.  Spend some time in your hotel room and pray/nap.  Don’t force it, but don’t run around so much that you go home more tired than you came (unless thats a good thing for you.)

5. Be You.

– The #1 thing I love about this conference and this group of people is that you are free to be you.  None of us are impressed:  Impressed with ourselves, impressed with others, so I invite you to drop your guard and sit in on a conversation in the sack chairs, raise your hand (or shout out) in a learning track.  Say Hi to some leader you’ve always wanted to say hi to.

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