5 Apps for Managing Youth Ministry

Over the past year I’ve found myself returning to these 5 apps time and time again to help me manage ministry and life in general. Each one of these apps brings something to the table that helps me be a better youth worker.


Evernote graphic

  • I use this to take notes of meetings, sermons, brainstorming ideas and other tasks that require simple word processing capacity while syncing to my iphone and macbook.
  • Several books help differentiate the different types of notes I make, whether these notes are for Blogging, Church, Sermons, or Books, I keep a good list of what is useful and can search these quickly with ease. Now those “bright ideas” I have at random times of day and night don’t get lost.
  • I’ve just started to use Penultimate to draw and sketch out ideas, so far I’m liking it and like how it syncs with Evernote across platforms as well.




  • In the past I’ve blogged on this product. I still like it, although the reminders app is a close second here now.
  • In producteev I keep my deadlines and projects that require task lists and multiple steps that require completion on different dates. I set reminders and keep myself up to date on the many balls that need to be kept in the air.

You can find a bigger review of Producteev Here:



Your Event 1

You can find a more detailed review of Mindnode Here

YouVersion’s Bible App



Accordance Bible



  • Accordance is my heavy hitting Bible App. It’s desktop application syncs with my iPad and iPhone so i can create notes, sermons, etc with a robust Library including the original languages.
  • Accordance makes it easy to search deep into the biblical text as well as read several commentaries (which are available from basic to advanced students of the Bible).

What are some of your favorites?

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