Book Review: The Simple Truth Bible

The Simple Truth Bible is a project of over 30 youth workers who set out on a goal of creating a daily devotional for students. Admittedly, I am a skeptic of devotions as I’ve had a rough history with them as they can tend towards the superficial so I was curious to read this one and see if it actually was simple rather than simplistic.

These devotions revolve around four major themes:

Oneness with God

Sin and Separation

Consequences and Crying Out

God Hears and Restores

I’ve spent the last month reading through these different topics which are spread around this devotional and find that there is a great mix between coming closer to God, understanding our sin and how it separates us from God, and God’s restorative ministering to our souls.


This book simply spells out concepts and explains what it means and how we can talk with God through each scenario. My favorite part of this book are the sidebars entitled “A Little Extra” in these sidebars you get a experiential project that helps bring the simple truth of the Bible home.


You can download 20 lessons from their website by clicking on the Simple Bible Above


Overall, I found this study to be thought provoking and not overly simplistic, yet simple enough to be understood and digested in a few minutes every day.

Disclaimer: Group/Simply Youth Ministry furnished a copy of The Simple Truth Bible for my review with the understanding of completing a fair and impartial review of this product.


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  1. Josh Sumpter says:

    Love it. I was browsing Simply Youth Ministry’s website and came across this Devo. I used to not be into giving out lots of books that my teens would never use (but leave in a bookbag or on a shelf until a yard sale when they are 30). However, I bought a bunch of these and gave them out to small group leaders to hand to their students. Our 6th-8th grade students tested them out for a week and love it. They bring it everywhere with their Bible. I actually had to buy a bunch more for other students. Some have said they use it every morning before school. I had one kid who didn’t get it that it was for one day at a time and he read 25 pages one night because it made Scripture understandable for him.

    This is a great resource that I recommend.

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